The Icarus Project

Over the last few months I’ve had more and more referrals from parents wanting support for their boys.
You’ve either been in touch, referred someone to me, or shown interest in my work.
So I thought i’d let you know about the Icarus Project.
Meeting the edges of young men in the place where there are no edges – the forest.
Myself and Seb Adamczyk (Wildnature / a band of brothers) will hold a space in the woods for boys (Age 11 to 16) we will meet them with what is necessary and called for on the day.
In small groups of boys.
These areas we are experienced in and think might be helpful:
  • Communication
  • Climbing trees
  • Emotional literacy
  • Experiential exercise around boundaries
  • Making fire
  • Meeting the power of anger
  • Stick dance – aikido staff pattern
  • Embodied learning around focus and control
  • Wilderness games
  • Authentic masculinity
  • Whittling
  • Energetic release
  • Shelter building
  • and more
And then again we may end up spending the day tracking deer through the forest.
What we can guarantee is your boy will be fed, watered, and engaged with in an environment where there are no phones, no xboxes, no youtube, by men who are trained and willing to meet the wildness in boys. And my intention is they’ll have a great time and learning something about themselves and the world they inhabit.
Next dates:  22nd Sept / 20th Oct / 24th Nov – 10 til 4, Laughton Woods. (Please contact for future dates)
Cost: £95 – payment in full with booking, full refund if cancelled 5 days earlier than the session. Some concessions may be available we are working on getting some funding.
Please contact for an application form.
These are stand alone days, though can be seen as taster or warm up for the Rites of passage camp in the summer:  Rite of passage 2019 or Rites of passage 2020 (get in touch if you’re planning for this – details to be confirmed).
I hope to see you in the woods very soon.


07880 712585

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