Integrative & Integral Counselling, Coaching, and Supervision – Change is possible

Are you looking for change in your life?

Do you wish things were easier? different?

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming; situations can trigger reactions in us which may seem confusing and sometimes painful. Moving forwards during these times often seems impossible.  Counselling offers a safe space to explore your life and to look at what may be holding you back from meeting your needs and creating the future you desire. Counselling is a relationship embedded in trust, presence and integrity. Coaching is finding a way to move forwards to creating the life you want and deserve.

It is a self directed process, acknowledging that you have the answers, as your counsellor I will  accompany you along the way as you change, grow, and find resolution.

I believe ‘change is possible’

  • You do not need to know what it is you wish to change or even look at, counselling is often a exploration.
  • Sometime there’s something obvious bothering you; a patern of behaviour or situation in your life. Other times it’s simply a sense of un ease or dissatisfaction.
  • Integral Integrative Counselling and Coaching is not for everyone, part of the process may be finding out which is the best way forward for you personally.
  • Even though the process may involve looking at difficult thoughts or feelings many people find the process relieving and even enjoyable.