Counselling in Brighton & Lewes

I offer a safe place to breath

I offer a confidential and secure setting.

I offer years of experience of working with people to find what’s bothering them, and make changes.

I work relationally which means – we work it out between us.

If you want to know the technical stuff then read on, any queries about this information i’m happy to explain.

I use an Integral & Integrative approach to Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Supervision drawing on a number of different disciplines to facilitate change such as; Integral theory, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Solutions Focused Therapy and Person Centred Counselling. As an Integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapy, and Supervisor I will support you as you explore your world on an emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual level.
Integrative counselling  is based on the concept of integration – the different skills I use are combined to work together allowing a fluid approach which can meet your need, and aid your integration.
I see integration as the goal of counselling; blocks can come from separating or denying parts of our selves. As we acknowledge those parts we can bring them together to be whole; being who we are not who we think we should be.

Integral theory is about working with the mind, body, spirit, and shadow, to gain new perspectives of you and your body, within the community and world you live in.
If you wish to find out more about Integral & Integrative Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Supervision and to discuss your situation in more detail please feel free to contact me 07880 712585.

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