Alcohol, Nicotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Caffeine, Sugar, Work, Exercise, Sex.

We can get addicted to anything.

Addiction is a way to cope. When we struggle, which is part of the human condition, we can be drawn to avoid, protect, distract, distance our selves from that struggle.

This neurosis is natural, especially in our culture. Carl Jung said ‘Neurosis is defence against legitimate pain.’ if it didn’t hurt we wouldn’t do it, it does so we do.

So life often is made up of various coping strategies, and it’s not a question of do we cope, but more of how we cope. Some ways help us to understand, process, move on, some hold us back, or even give us more problems.

If a coping strategy is hold us back and making things worse, then we say we’re addicted to them, and the cycle of addiction then digs the hole deeper.

Exploring what is going on helps to see the cycle and change it. Enjoy your bar o chocolate, but if it’s making you miserable then try something else.

And my favourite, stop ‘stopping’ doing something, instead take up something new, positive and supportiveĀ language and behaviour can help to do something different. Try I’ve taken up knitting rather than I’ve stopped smoking.

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