How we relate, that is the big question.

How we are in relationship can be confusing and a challenge. Often couples seek support when stress and strains of being together become unmanageable. Counselling in a couple can be rich work, having someone to hold the space and reflect back the dynamic between two people is a powerful way to bring awareness to unconscious process and allow a different way of connection.

Many couples find counselling a useful and helpful process to make changes.

  • This may be about making big life decissions
  • This may be about finding a new way of being together; re-calibrating
  • Or may be staying together or separating.

I guide you to finding what you need in your relationship; bring awareness and understanding, bringing into focus both the joy and the struggle of connecting.

Call to ask how this would work for you (07880 712585), if they are questions about the process i like to talk to both parties, if more practical question weither of you can call or email to book an assessment (

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