Midlife; Crisis or Passage

Often in Midlife people experience a ‘crisis’ – for me it’s important to take the sting out of this term, i see ‘crisis’ as a tipping point, a point of change, which when it comes to therapy is not just ok, it’s what we’re here for.

So bring on the crisis. And midlife passage is a softer term for this journey from early to later adulthood, and is experienced by many, if not most people. Sometimes big shifts occur, divorce, redundancy, or a serious illness, other times less so; a change in job or career, starting a new relationship, or simply questioning where you are at.

Often at these times of life having someone outside with no agenda, no connection to your life, and some experience can be helpful. Therapy allows space to explore and be challenged about the big questions; what do you actually want out of this life?

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